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cherry blossoms
march 8th 

It's that time of year, a special time that is anticipated in which only comes once a year and leaves way too quickly lasting only about a week or two before it's gone again.  When it's time for them to leave, the way each pedal drops to the ground, falling like snow and covering the ground in pink sakura blossoms that eventually flow away in the winds depicting a very soothing beautiful flow of movement.   


I was quite excited to be returning to Portland to experience something so easing that really delivers a content feeling being surrounded by these beautiful trees.  While the blossoms were at full bloom, I wanted to capture the natural imagery of the blue of the water, blue of the sky and the perfect median in the middle of white and pink with a hint of pinkish-red to capture something remarkably peaceful.  Unfortunately, the whole duration of blossoms were filled with cloudy skies.


But however, to make up for it, during the shoot having lots of people around enjoying the blossoms, gazing and admiring God's creation, hearing the sound of children running through the rows of sakura trees filled of laughter made the environment so full of happiness, poetic, and felt really magical.  A small moment I will never forget that I got to experience and share with others.

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